Made sex & relationship columnist, Josey VogeI's ‘Best Gifts for X)(XMas 2006' Pillow Talk offers couples the opportunity to explore their rela- tionships on a deeper level than ever before. Couples take turns revealing parts of their sensual self and communicating intimate aspects of their relationship to their partner. The game creates a safe environment where couples can openly discuss their inner- most thoughts and feelings about love, sex, and romantic rela- tionships. This personal growth game can be played with token cards to help couples resolve relationship issues like money. jealousy, and in-laws. The game Includes: 1 Sensual Board 6 Pass Cards 1 60-second Timer 30 Surprise Cards 50 Theme Cards 80 Extra Cards to Personalize Your Game 200 Question Cards 1 Die 13 Token Cards 2 Game Pieces